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A Car for Kansas Teacher of the Year
January 16, 2014

Kansas '`Teacher of the Year' award has gone to Jeff Baxter for the year 2014. The award is sponsored by Enterprise Foundation belonging to Enterprise 'Rent-a-Car' company. The award consists of providing a car for lease for 6 months period. In addition to the lease, Baxter will also be eligible to receive $1,500 in ethanol gasoline from the Kansas Corn Commission. Baxter has been chosen as the 'Teacher of the Year' amidst stiff competition of 105 candidates. The award , i.e handing over of the key of the car will...
Now you can lease an Electric Car-Approved by Coucil
March 22, 2013

The article is about the Council Approves Electric Car Lease. With smart revealing the UK prices for its for two electric drive, the model will become the first Plug-in Car Grant eligible car which will not automatically entitle its buyers the full $5,000 government subsidy. That's because the car's purchase price is already much lower than rival electric cars. Tthe council has approved the leasing of the electric cars in the market now.
Used cars are more in demand
March 13, 2013

Canton Rep, March 10th 2013. In Canton Ohio the market is void of quality used cars. In fact things are so bad that you should expect to have your ads answered within a single day. Some wholesalers use automated systems to reply to sellers and make offers, sometime offering retail.

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